We’re passionate about local food and local economies

Food Fossickers is passionate about locally produced food, and the role it plays in creating healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities. Our goal is to bring together food producers, the food industry and food lovers from all around Central Victoria, and to promote our local culture.

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Food Fossickers celebrates our vibrant regional culture, and we’re inviting food-related businesses to join us

Food Fossickers was created to celebrate the richness and diversity of our local food industry and to promote our network of growers, producers, retailers and eateries to the lovers of fine food who flock to our region because of its status as a “foodie’s paradise”.

Our website showcases the growers, cafes, pubs, restaurants, butchers and bakers who are part of the vibrant local food industry, matching food lovers with the venues, products and services that they are looking for in their search for sustainable local produce.

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Are you in the food industry?

Become a Food Fossicker member and take advantage of the benefits of being involved in our growing network.

Are you a food lover?

Search our website to find cafes, restaurants, artisanal bakers, free range eggs, pasture-raised beef, organic food and more.

Explore the Local Food Movement in Bendigo

Explore the Local Food Movement in Bendigo, and discover a wealth of fine food and dining experiences in the region.

Benefits of Becoming a Food Fossicker

Grow your business

Being part of our network will promote your business to a wider audience of food lovers.

Support sustainable growth

Become part of a forward-thinking culture that encourages sustainable food production.

Celebrate local food culture

Be part of a movement that encourages residents to support local food-related businesses.

Build relationships

Form relationships with like-minded food businesses and support each other’s growth.

Promote your wares

Promote your products and services to a broad audience of food lovers and connoisseurs.

Attract tourist revenue

Enjoy the financial benefits of being a desirable tourist destination for food experiences.

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