Becoming a Fossicker

7 Aug 2019 • Spotlight

How did you become a Food Fossicker?
When I first heard about Food Fossickers, I had just moved to Bendigo to study a Bachelor of Business at La Trobe, with a view to later end up working in a Non-profit. After living in Melbourne for the past few years it was nice to settle back into a smaller city. I really enjoy the sense of community Bendigo has. My marketing tutor suggested that I apply for the volunteer internship available with a non-profit dedicated to championing local producers and sellers, and I figure it was right down my alley, so why not? Luckily, they thought I’d be a good fit, and here I am today!

What is your favourite thing about being a Food Fossicker?

I’m really big on locals supporting their community, so seeing the networks created and the commitment to strengthen bonds between growers, sellers and the community has been really fantastic. It’s been great getting to meet the people who make the Bendigo food scene so vibrant and delicious! I love that people are looking at the Bendigo area in a whole new light, and I’m excited to see what this growth means for us as a region.

Have there been any challenges with the organisation?

Food Fossickers is an entirely volunteer run organisation full of incredibly hard-working people, so the struggle is sometimes finding time to fit in what I need to get done. It’s definitely been a learning curve but I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to gain this experience.

What are the most important things you’ve learnt?
Since becoming a committee member, I’ve learnt to really value the effort that goes into our local produce. I’ve also picked up plenty of the best places to shop and eat! It’s good to know what I’m buying is directly helping the businesses in our region.

What’s next on your journey?
I’ve actually been accepted into a subject at my university that will allow me to turn previous experience with the organisation into a new project (and this website is a part of it!). I can’t wait to delve even more into the Food Fossicking community!

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