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B&B Basil are Bendigo's local microgreen specialists. Here, you can find a wide selection of shoots, herbs, and even edible flowers. Let the experts in the art of garnish find a fresh and full-flavoured ingredient for your next culinary creation.

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B&B Basil began as a father and daughter team in 2000.

After noticing a lack of locally grown herb products at the Melbourne fruit and vegetable market, George Bobin and Susie Young decided it was time to begin something new and started growing large Hydroponic Basil in pots. Their products were an instant hit at the markets and the demand for their high quality herbs have only grown from there - in fact, these days you’ll find them in many cafes and restaurants, both locally and Victoria wide!

Micro herbs have long been the main area of focus for B&B Basil, and continue to grow in demand both nationally and internationally. B&B Basil continue to refine and modernise their processes to ensure their product arrives fresh and tasty no matter where in the world your plate may be. Some of the newest innovations beginning to be adopted include Earth-friendly methods of agriculture and solar power, alternative ways to heat the greenhouses and a lightweight synthetic soil that is perfect for export.

With a love for food, the business has always had great connections with the local chefs who use the products grown in their backyard, and the range has continued to grow, with Bendigo’s most renowned chefs making requests for herbs unavailable anywhere else in Australia. B&B Basil are the go-to for fresh and delicious flavours year-round.

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