Bendigo Heritage Uncorked - The Unseen Series

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One of Bendigo’s longest running wine and food festivals – Bendigo Heritage Uncorked – hosted by winemakers of Bendigo, has announced the festival will take place online as six individual events. Each Friday, local host, Kathie Bolitho, chats to three winemakers from the unseen corner of a historic Bendigo building. You will enjoy a live-stream wine chat with a pre-purchased wine pack. The wines and stories of each winemaker will be featured, along with quiz questions, wine tasting questions and comments, prizes and a virtual tour of the historic building. Bendigo Heritage Uncorked – The Unseen Series will take place as individual events, at 6pm each Friday night for six weeks, beginning 23rd October 2020. Wine packs are on sale now. For more information go to


23 October 2020







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