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    Food Fossickers Trade Flip Chart/Trade Website. We have recently developed the Food Fossickers Flip Chart and Website. Business listings in these tools are of members from A and B categories within a 160km radius of Bendigo. Please provide your details below for either A or B categories to be listed in the Food Fossickers Trade Website. All members will receive a current copy of the Flip Chart.

    Logo Usage Eligibility

    To have the right to obtain and use the Food Fossickers Central Victorian Food Trade Network logo, Category B businesses must use or sell at least 10 food items grown, produced or processed within 160km of Bendigo. Business that desire to use the logo but do not currently meet the stated criteria, will be provided with a 3 month transition period to meet these requirements by sign up date. Auto eligiliity for Category A (food and beverage producers/manufacturers) within 160km radius of Bendigo. Logo usage guidelines will be sent upon approval. (A) Food & Beverage Producers and Manufacturers - $100 annual membership fee (per individual)
  • (A) Food & Beverage Producers and Manufacturers

    - $150 annual membership fee (per individual)

  • (B) Venues, Providores and Food Professionals

    - $150 annual membership fee (per individual)

  • (C) Food Fossicker Friends & Supporters

    - $50 annual membership fee (per individual)