Transforming chocolate into edible art is Sue Schrieber’s passion.
A passion she has taken to another level with the opening of her own small business, Choclartiste.

Already an accomplished cake decorator, Sue began tinkering with chocolate at home before taking a course at the renowned Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne.
She perfected the finer art of chocolate tempering and artistry using a Callebaut Belgian chocolate base and family and friends were soon lining up for her unique creations.

Offering a range of unique and handmade chocolates, made right here in Bendigo. Choclartise is exactly that ‘Chocolate Art’.

Choclartise studio is open for sales direct to the public Thursdays 2pm until 6pm and Saturday 10am until 1pm.

48 Mayfair Park Estate, McDowell's Rd, East Bendigo 3550

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