Sangria Spanish Tapas Bar

Sangria Spanish Tapas Bar is a small family business offering rustic home styled Spanish fare using local ingredients where we can, including from our own farm, Hillcrest.

We are in the early stages establishing of establishing production at a small farm in Campbells Forest (Loddon Shire) to supply the restaurant. Originally part of a larger land holding, Hillcrest was established in the early 1900’s with the farmhouse we live in being built in 1908. It has predominantly been used for broad acre farming and lamb production. 30 years ago the farm was subdivided and our farm is now 22 acres.

We have been working hard on infrastructure projects and given that there is no secure water supply this has been a focus of our early work. We have been raising some stock for our own use and have been able to supply some pork and lamb to the restaurant. We grow Dorper lamb, Belted Galloway beef and Saddleback pork (we have trialled Landrace and Large Black) we have Light Sussex, Isa Brown and in an alternate venture at another site we are also raising Squab.

We have initially been able to supply a small range of ingredients for the restaurant which we are very pleased about. We have also have planted out our orchard, have a large hothouse under construction and have planted our first crop of garlic French, Californian, Australian Purple and White we hope to yield approx. 100kg from our first harvest.

3 Victoria Lane, Bendigo 3550

03 54435055