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Experience the sensation, break from reality, dream and make plans over the perfect cuppa . Allow yourself time to indulge and experience the power of tea ! Perfectly blended and ready for you to enjoy: looseleaf tea available in all blends so you can make it the way you know you'll enjoy

3 amazing blends - lovingly created and hand blended in Bendigo

Bendigo Billy - represents our Aussie Bush

Sassy - Cheeky and full of spice 

Ginga - packs a punch and Oh so good for you !

Teas are about tradition, symbolising a love of Tea and one's health.

Coming together with friends, loved ones or just taking time to enjoy the ritual of brewing that perfect cup of tea.

Tea Associates products are sourced locally and internationally, using organic products from certified suppliers.

Our packaging is fully compostable and biodegradable including all tags and zips.

Our Tins are refillable and can be repurposed,.

No plastic, Its not only good for you but also for the environment.

Tea Associates products are produced ethically and lovingly hand blended in Bendigo.

Love your local, support small business and look after our beautiful planet

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