McIvor Farm Foods

The Hagan family has farmed in the Tooborac area for over 100 years and, the third generation Jason has returned with his wife Belinda to pursue their passion to farm naturally and ethically.

Sustainable farming practices supported by those who love local producers.

McIvor Farm Foods currently specialises in Old Breed Pork, from Berkshire pigs. The pigs are used part of a farming system to give the pigs the best quality of life but also to utilise their pig-ploughing power to farm environmentally. The great result is also the best tasting pork – which they are sure you will agree.

Jason and Belinda are fortunate to do what they love but ultimately they need support by customers. People who desire to know more about how their food is produced, want the best for the land & environment, support local and love building relationships direct with the producer.

Find out where you can buy or enjoy their product on their website.

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