Pink Muesli

The first and only one vegetable muesli in Australia, Pink Muesli harnesses the health benefits of beetroot in a delicious crispy cereal. Pink Muesli is the only beetroot-based muesli in the world, using not one but three kinds of beetroot, with a whole range of products each one distinct from the other. No other muesli can compare.

Pink Muesli


3530 Midland Hwy

Blampied VIC

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How did this award winning product come about?

Marita says, ‘How I started Pink Muesli is deeply personal. My Mother died of a stroke at 68 and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 50. Being at high risk of a stroke, I was prescribed high dosages of hypertension medication including cholesterol tablets. My nutrition-savvy son, Miguel, suggested I start eating beetroot because beetroot is known to improve blood flow. So I embarked on my own beetroot therapy, eating beetroot daily and/or drinking it as a juice or tea. After six months, I went to my GP and asked her to check me as I wanted to reduce my medication. To her credit, she agreed. My blood tests showed normal levels. With nothing else changed in my diet and level of activity, my medication dosage was halved. I was ecstatic. I decided then and there to do something with this wonder food with amazing healing properties. So I started experimenting with beetroot on what I knew best to do, a breakfast cereal.’ The result was a delicious muesli, filled with flavour and versatile enough to top both sweet and savoury dishes, as well as be enjoyed on its own.

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