Salute Oliva

Nestled between two lakes in Boort, central Victoria, is Salute Oliva, a family-owned olive grove. It is where Marlies and Peter Eicher produce first class extra virgin olive oil and a variety of award-winning table olives. The trees on the grove are grown organically and the olive pickling and pressing process is all natural.

Salute Oliva

03 5455 2652

5 Templeton Drive

Boort, VIC 3537 Australia

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At Salute Oliva you can find an array of delicious olive products, including extra virgin olive oil, soaps, and of course table olives.

The Eichers pay a great amount of attention to their olives and olive oils, ensuring uncompromising standards are adhered to and the products are of the highest quality. The grove is run sustainably, with a zero waste policy. Nothing is wasted here – processing waste is used as organic mulch and any oil that doesn’t make the extra virgin cut is turned into soap. Visitors are welcome to experience the grove and gain an insight into the olive business, and learn about sustainable olive farming.

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