Can’t a Vegan Get a Bite to Eat?

9 Oct 2019 • Local

It can be difficult as a vegan to navigate the food in country towns. Luckily, our area is a hub of creative cuisines, and we’ve found amazing vegan eats for our Food Fossickers in Bendigo.

Bendigo Wholefoods
Mosey on down to wholefoods, where there’s always a fantastic selection of vegan fare. If you’re looking for something to take home, they have a selection of vegan products including cheeses and other deli products. If you’re looking for a great gift, their Vegan Treatalicious Deliciousness gift pack is a great way to spoil a friend (or yourself!) with plant based products.

Gina and her team are passionate about making delicious food for people with dietary restrictions. There’s no chance of a boring salad here, you’ll find great use of flavours to make a truly satisfying breakfast, brunch or lunch! Their Buddha Bowl is a can’t-miss dish.

Malayan Orchid
Craving a curry? Head over to Malayan Orchid for a mouth-watering fusion of Australian and Asian fare. Locally sourced vegetables are presented with delicious sauces. Aubergine in Singapore chilli sauce is a sure way to spice up your life!

Other Vegan Products From Our Community:

Pud for All Seasons: Try their newly released Toffee caramel sauce (made especially to compliment their delicious vegan puds!) or shake things up with their Spiced Up Vanilla  or Over the Top Orange Caramel sauce.

Pink Muesli: An absolutely delicious way to top sweet and savoury foods with a gorgeous pop of colour, flavour and crunch! This award winning muesli comes in a variety of flavours, perfect for those looking for a healthy way to add to their meals.

Indulge Fine Belgian Chocolates: It can be so hard to find truly good vegan chocolate options, but at Indulge you can find an array of hand-made vegan chocolate options, and satisfy that sweet tooth!

What’s your favourite place for vegan foods? Let us know at or on our Facebook page

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