Become a Food Fossicker

We, the food lovers behind Food Fossickers, invite you to join with us in this adventure to become a fossicker yourself.

Our region is bountiful with food gold and we want to share with you the joy and satisfaction that comes from supporting our local growers and producers. Not only is the region’s ever-expanding range of products fantastic, but we know the importance of reducing food miles and fostering a sense of community and belonging that money simply can’t buy.

Our network of local heroes have joined forces and are working together to provide the best range of local food and produce sourced from around Bendigo and within the Central Victorian region. What we love most is putting local food on local plates.

Embrace the change as you join our journey. Enjoy the feeling of supporting a smart future of sustainable, fresh and above all, delicious local food fossicking.

Look out for our Food Fossickers logo throughout the Bendigo region.

Food Fossickers News

What’s in Season: Summer

What's in Season: Summer

Any foodie knows that a good knowledge of what’s in season is imperative for successful menu planning. Use the below guide to assist you to incorporate fresh, in-season produce, local to the Bendigo region, into your meal planning – without the guesswork. Fruit Apricots, berries, cherries, figs, grapefruit, grapes, melons, oranges (Valencia) peaches, plums, strawberries, tomatoes. Vegetables Beans, beetroot, […]

Bendigo Victoria’s Coolest Town

Bendigo Victoria's Coolest Town

Bendigo and the Heathcote Region was a buzz late August when on Saturday 25th, the Age – Life and Style lift out featured 3 articles focusing on:  The Growth of Bendigo (specifically in the food and wine scene) 6 Reasons to Visit Heathcote A profile on the Dispensary Enoteca.   The ‘3 page Bendigo feature’ […]

Fossickers make their way to Singapore

Fossickers make their way to Singapore

The Food Fossicking name continues to spread, and this time…to Singapore. A renowned journalist, Tan Pin Yen of Singapore, ventured into Bendigo in late April to dig further into the Food Fossicking concept and unearth further information on what it is all about. This article featured in a major supplement publication in Singapore and was widespread. […]